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The ability to understand the location and status of every physical asset is becoming a necessity within healthcare, and the raft of legal, regulatory and policy forces driving the adoption of effective asset utilisation has never been greater.

All too often, clinical and medical engineering teams face a daily battle to locate assets, as they are frequently underutilised and poorly maintained. This creates a risk burden and a significant yet avoidable cost. Inevitably, compromises in relation to time, cost efficiency, safety, patient care and risk management are common.

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Bed Management and Tracking
Increase your effective bed capacity by 10%


Mobile Medical Device Tracking
Optimise the management of your mobile medical devices


Management of Community Equipment Stores
Optimise the deployment of Medical Equipment in the Community


Optimised Deployment of Pharmacy Staff
Increase utilisation of pharmacy staff to improve quality of care

The Platform

The Healthcare Analytics platform brings together a number of services that can operate independently or together to optimise the use of physical healthcare resources including:

  • Beds and Mattresses

  • Mobile Medical Devices

  • Community Stores

  • Pharmacy Staff

  • Waiting List Management for gastrointestinal and cardiovascular services

These services help staff to ensure security and regulation compliance, as well as enabling employees to work more efficiently on a daily basis.

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“we’re delighted to be involved in organising the test-bed for the new technology as it means we can help facilities better manage medical devices and other assets more efficiently. We plan to collate research on all of these initiatives and share this with other hospitals and facilities once the initial work has taken place.”

Professor Michael Scott, MOIC

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