The Need

  • Bed Management and Tracking

  • Increase your effective bed capacity by 10%

The average hospital bed is left ‘idle’ 6 to 8 hours between a discharge and a new admission.

Reducing the ‘idle’ time to meet the best practice time of 1 hour 45 mins would create 60 new beds of new capacity in an average 600 Bed hospital.

“we’re delighted to be involved in organising the test-bed for the new technology as it means we can help facilities better manage medical devices and other assets more efficiently. We plan to collate research on all of these initiatives and share this with other hospitals and facilities once the initial work has taken place.”

Professor Michael Scott, MOIC

The Solution

The i-trackbeds service delivers an automated service that tracks the real time location of the physical medical beds to manage and optimise all the processes required to turn an empty bed into an occupied bed.

The service automatically collects all the data required to manage:

  • The Suitability of Beds for particular patients – Bariatric or Children

  • The Bed Cleaning Process

  • Bed Cleaning Teams

  • Maintenance, repair and replacement of Beds

We also hold all interactions with the bed and mattress for future inspection for audits and traceability in the event of a HCAI outbreak.

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