The Need

  • Mobile Medical Device Tracking

  • Optimise the management of your mobile medical devices

Locating and managing mobile medical device in a large NHS Trust is a huge, almost impossible and very time-consuming task.

The i-trackdevices service helps staff to improve the visibility and utilisation of mobile medical devices, as well as enabling employees to work more efficiently.

“Our PATIENTS get access to the RIGHT equipment at the RIGHT time for the RIGHT patient – resulting in safer patient care while delivering a better patient experience”

Dr. Naomi Baldwin PhD, Senior Nurse Patient Safety and Performance, Northern Health and Social Care Trust

The Solution

The i-trackdevices service delivers an automated service that tracks the real time location of the mobile medical devices to optimise all the processes required to improve their visibility and utilisation.

The service automatically collects all the data required to:

  • Reduce the time spent by Nursing Staff searching for equipment with each nurse spending an average 21 minutes per shift.

  • Ensure the patients have timely access to most appropriate equipment during their care.

  • Reduce the average 25% overspend on devices required to deliver the required availability.

We also hold all interactions with the mobile devices for future inspection for audits and traceability.

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