The Need

  • Optimised Deployment of Pharmacy Staff

  • Increase utilisation of pharmacy staff to improve quality of care

Medicines are the most common medical interventions used in the health service with an annual expenditure of £15.5bn in NHS England alone and it is rising by 8% annually.

However, evidence has demonstrated that there is significant variance in best practice relating to the appropriate safe and effective use of medicines.

“The i-trackpharmacy service ensures that the right patient is seen by the right pharmacist with the right skills at the right time”

Linden Ashfield, Principal Pharmacist, Northern Health and Social Care Trust

The Solution

To address the issue, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) produced the guideline ‘NICE Guideline NG5 Medicines Optimisation: the safe and effective use of medicines to enable the best possible outcomes.

The NICE report shows that

  • One in 15 hospital admissions are medication related, with two-thirds of these being preventable.

  • 30% and 50% of medicines prescribed for long‑term conditions are not taken as intended.

  • 15 million people in England now have a long‑term condition with 1.9m with multimorbidity’s

  • The average number of prescription items per person per year increasing from 13 (in 2003) to 19 in 10 years.

The i-trackpharmacy service utilises data analytics technologies to target the work of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians during the patient’s admission, throughout the patient’s inpatient journey and at discharge, this delivers significant improvements in patient care including reduced length of stay, lower re-admission rates, reduced medication errors and increased medicines appropriateness.

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