The Need

  • Management of Community Equipment Stores

  • Optimise the deployment of Medical Equipment in the Community

Managing Research has shown that patients would prefer to be cared in their home rather than hospital.

In-home care not only provides the individual with the care and attention they desperately need in the safety of their own home, but it is also cost-effective option compared to care homes, nursing homes, assisted living and other such care provision systems.

“Our community STAFF get access to the RIGHT equipment at the RIGHT time for the RIGHT patient – resulting in safer patient care while delivering a better patient experience”

Shane Elliott, Professional Head of Occupational Therapy Services, Northern Health and Social Care Trust

The Solution

The i-trackstores service allows for the tracking of medical equipment into and out of regional community stores to support the care of patients in their homes.

The use of Community Stores reduces the travel time of the community care providers to and from the patient’s homes, but it also ensures that all equipment is allocated against the correct budget holder and restocked when necessary to meet demand.

You might need community equipment for different reasons:

  • To make a return home easier after a hospital stay or major operation

  • To prevent admission to hospital or into residential care

  • To prevent falls and accidents

  • As an essential section of the community health and rehabilitation services

  • To help carers provide the necessary care

  • As an essential part of community and continuing care.

The service establishes a ‘Chain of Custody’ to validate and authenticate each piece of equipment, through the implementation of a unique item identifier. The item identifier is linked with the equipment at the start of service. As the identifier is issued in real time, it will provide the product owner and organisation the ability to track and trace each individual asset throughout its entire lifecycle.

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