The average hospital bed is left ‘idle’ 6 to 8 hours between a discharge and a new admission.

  • Bed Management and Tracking

  • Increase your effective bed capacity by 10%

Reducing the ‘idle’ time to meet the best practice time of 1 hour 45 mins would create 60 new beds of new capacity in an average 600 Bed hospital.

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Managing Research has shown that patients would prefer to be cared in their home rather than hospital.

  • Management of Community Equipment Stores

  • Optimise the deployment of Medical Equipment in the Community

In-home care not only provides the individual with the care and attention they desperately need in the safety of their own home, but it is also cost-effective option compared to care homes, nursing homes, assisted living and other such care provision systems.

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Medicines are the most common medical interventions used in the health service with an annual expenditure of £15.5bn in NHS England alone and it is rising by 8% annually.

  • Optimised Deployment of Pharmacy Staff

  • Increase utilisation of pharmacy staff to improve quality of care

However, evidence has demonstrated that there is significant variance in best practice relating to the appropriate safe and effective use of medicines. For example, one in 15 hospital admissions are medication related, with two-thirds of these being preventable.

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Locating and managing mobile medical device in a large NHS Trust is a huge, almost impossible and very time-consuming task.

  • Mobile Medical Device Tracking

  • Optimise the management of your mobile medical devices

The i-trackdevices service helps staff to improve the visibility and utilisation of mobile medical devices, as well as enabling employees to work more efficiently.

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